Is Not A Business

It's a tool of personal and social transformation.

People can get a workout based yoga class anywhere - YouTube to the YMCA to a high end, serene yoga studio.

I am no longer interested in teaching work out based classes. I am interested in how these practices change ordinary human lives.


I am interested in emphasizing the fact that ordinary human lives are sacred.  We can heal ourselves and in healing ourselves we become better parents, partners, community members.  We open to our own creativity and bring beauty into the world.  I know of nothing more urgent than this.

"A saint in the Buddhist context...is someone who provides an example of the fact that completely ordinary, confused human beings can wake themselves up; they can pull themselves together and wake themselves up through an accident of life of one kind or another. The pain, the suffering of all kinds, the misery and the chaos that are part of life, begins to wake them, shake them.
Having been shaken, they begin to question: "Who am I? What am I? What is happening?" Then they go further and realize that there is something in them that is asking these questions, something that is, in fact, intelligent and not exactly confused." - Rinpoche

Return Yoga was founded in the belief that something in these techniques returns us to ourselves.  We do not need to be other than how we are.  This is personal, revolution.  It is social change.

Return takes yoga out of studios and exercise contexts and into community.  It emphasizes the deep psychology and well being implied in a balanced yoga practice.  It speaks to soul.  

Return is a teacher training program and community outreach. Karin and other local teachers work in domestic violence shelters, sexual assault centers, jails, youth crisis centers, mental health contexts, and substance abuse treatment centers.   

Through the Deeper Practice online videos, anyone can bring these teachings into their own home and practice.