Take yoga off the mat and into the heart.

Return Yoga is a non-profit organization offering community based yoga classes, outreach classes, and deeper courses of study including teacher training.  

I believe in the raw power of yoga to transform, empower, and return us to a sense of aliveness. But I also think that yoga is exclusive. In studios, yoga is too exclusive, too expensive, and too intimidating to be of use to those who could most use it. There are studios everywhere, and thousands of yoga teachers who can teach American style, workout based classes.  In most cases, yoga is a business.

Not here.  Not with me.

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Since leaving the St Cloud area, I have searched high and low for a studio that provides the same soul quenching energy that Karin provides. Nothing so far. Karin is a phenomenal teacher and person. Her way of describing movements and feelings and sensations in unlike anything I have ever experienced.

— Jordan Wolfrum

Create sustainable transformation within you and your relationships.


Deeper Practice

  • Study online or attend an intensive
  • Build your understanding of how the body works and what asana does. 
  • Identify the missing steps that have kept you from sustainable meditation practices.
  • Witness the way yogic practices open your life and change the way you move in it. 
  • 'Connect the dots' in understanding asana, meditation, who you are, and what is possible.


  • Community engagement and clinical settings: contact Karin to arrange teaching.
  • Mentorship for teachers
  • Views yoga as a system of ethics, practices, and spiritual exploration rather than a business.
  • Focuses on individual human lives, service, ethics, social justice, and personal transformation. 
  • Offers yoga's practical ways for people to integrate personal development and healing with engagement in the world.
I took a long time to decide where I wanted to study. Living in the Twin Cities area, I had numerous options. However, after discovering Karin’s writings and the integrity of her practice, I knew immediately she was the teacher I wanted to study with. I was thrilled when I found that her studio was only an hour from my home, because I was determined to study with her no matter where in the country Return Yoga was located. I feel so fortunate that we have a gem like Karin right here in Minnesota and am honored to have studied with her.

— Maerin Renee