Karin is an exceptional yoga educator! I believe her teaching of yoga ethics and anatomy are phenomenal!

— Shalynn Reid
I’ve practiced for more than 20 years. I’ve never felt my body in the way I feel in Karin’s classes. Not all teachers are teachers. Karin is.

— Maria K
I am relearning how to breathe, how to stand, how to bend. I am strengthening things I was never aware of before. I cannot even begin to verbalize all of the benefits with Karin’s guidance this practice gives me.
— Polly E
I have searched high and low for a studio that provides the same soul quenching energy that Karin provides. Nothing so far. Karin is a phenomenal person and teacher. Her way of describing movements and feelings and sensations is unlike anything I have experienced. Check out Return. You will not regret it.
— Jordan W
I love the full experience I get at Return Yoga. Karin is not only a beautiful Yogi, but a gifted educator and spiritual guide. I enjoy her energy and space.

— Drea Dalzell
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My experience with this training program has been deeply personal and profoundly transformative. I knew in my bones almost immediately that Karin was who I should be guided under to begin a deeper understanding of these practices and the yogic path itself. I knew she was the real deal. I was not looking for bliss, but real understanding. I am moving forward with my practice and now as a teacher, and am fully aware that the training that I and others received under Karin are not the norm for YTT programs but far exceed Yoga Alliance standards for registered schools. I HIGHLY recommend anyone who can, if ever the opportunity, study under Karin’s guidance. I am deeply grateful to her and for this experience.

— Tara Meyer
I tell people: yoga after Karin is like driving a Kia after driving a Lexus.

— Ian Paul
I’ve had the honor to experience a variety of different styles, philosophies, and instructors over the course of my practice thus far. Return Yoga, to me, is in a league of its own.

— Steve J
The classes are open and welcoming to all and Karin is a phenomenal teacher with an astounding depth of knowledge. Have an injury? She can help you understand it and how to practice in a way to heal it. Inflexible? She guides you into poses that you never thought you would be able to do. Skeptical of the touchy feely spiritual stuff? She speaks about it in a way that makes it a balance between science and soul, grounded yet reaching for the stars.

— Brooke H