This is what I know: yoga can change lives.

An ongoing, continuous practice that is sane (not based on extreme movements and escapism) and soothing yet continues to offer inspiration, insight, self-discovery and a sense of well being is priceless.

Each week I publish 3 new videos.  You can get them all (as well as the whole back library) for $50/month.  Join anytime, quit any time.

It's less than the cost of a studio or gym membership, it's ongoing learning, and it's better teaching than your run of the mill 'yoga class'.

Get a taste of what I'm offering in the free videos below.

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1. Weekly 30-60 Minute Movement Practice

Less focused on deconstructing movements, more focused on the gold: a mindful movement practice can anchor your mind, settle your nerves, and make you more comfortable in your body.

2. Weekly 90 minute workshop style movement practice

A little bit of a dig on your strength and endurance, without being centered on flashy poses.  These practices are accessible while challenging your mind-body connection.  They are an exploration of movement and the human body. Find your heart, your feet, your guts, and ultimately serenity.

3. Weekly 30 minutes techniques session 

Exploring philosophy, psychology, breath and mind-body practices that are simply not taught in regular class settings.  These don't require yoga clothes or even a yoga mat - you can do them in your office over your lunch break.  This is the deeper stuff that people hear mention of but never really get a chance to explore.  It's breath work, meditation teaching, subtle body and student-teacher relationship. Personally, I think this is the gem.   I think these sessions are the ones that will keep your practice alive and keep you growing.  

I love this. It’s unlike anything, anything else out there.”
— Meredith Kjelberg
I love your practices. Like straight up love. Your voice, the clarity with which you offer instruction, your precision with language, the subtle unfolding of movements, the way you guide the connection between breath and’s all wonderful.
— Roseanne Harvey, It's All Yoga Baby and co-editor 21st Century Yoga
I started practicing yoga about seven years ago to help me deal with crippling anxiety and severe bouts of depression. But for the last couple of years I’ve grown disillusioned and a bit lost in my practice. What I can say about Deeper Practice is that it feels like I’m falling in love with yoga again.
— J.C.
I’m a big fan of your writing, and your unique voice carries over to your teaching. No surprise, but a big relief after what passes for ‘yoga teaching’ elsewhere.
— Jyl Kutsche
At first I was drawn to the postures because, let’s face it, asana look fucking awesome. But now I love the techniques sessions. You make it so simple but so powerful it blows my mind. Now it isn’t about what looks awesome, but what it feels like to be alive. Your teaching is amazing.
— Mariah Kaelberer