Thursdays - yoga for athletes. All. Day. Long.

We know - science and brute experience both have proven - that yoga works synergistically to improve athlete's performance, recovery time, prevent injuries, and hone all of the 'mind' stuff that brings athletes to their very best.  We know that any and all yoga classes hit on the same skill sets and muscle and joint groups that athletes are prone to injure or over stress.  That in mind, however, and knowing there is a huge athletic community who are doing much of their community stuff on Wednesdays, I think I'm going to focus Thursday classes (all four of them) on yoga for athletes.  There's a restorative class and there are strong classes.  Both complement a runner's (or cyclists, or gymnast's, or ball player's) lifestyle. Same classes, and you do not need to be a runner to benefit.  But the focus - and my language and teaching directives, might tend more to the specific concerns of sports medicine, integration, recovery.

Sound good?