social justice


lynchedFor the last week I've been writing an essay on privilege, identity, politics, and our own lives.  This isn't that essay. This is just saying I am angry, and terribly sad.  I've been reaching out to POC friends today.  One said, we're in a war against black bodies.  And we're losing.  I feel insane.

I'm hearing them say be safe out there to each other.  I am wildly terrified at the implications of this.


This isn't small.  It will not go away in a few days or news cycles.  It is important that we grieve, that we feel, and that we take care.  And, it's important that we do what we can.  I use my physical and meditation practice to feel and realize how I'm doing, what's happening in my life.  The anger.  The fear.  The speechless grief in my gut.  My physical and meditation practice helps me know, so that I can then stop practicing.  Then, I can be in my life without so much of my own reactivity, apathy, exhaustion, bitterness filtering my world.  I can listen.

On Saturday, 10:30 am, trainees and I will be sitting meditation.  Afterwards, we'll talk.  We'll break for lunch around 1.  I want to open that time up to everyone.  Trainee or not.  Yoga student or not.  We have to be able to sit with our anger, our fear, and our confusion.  And, we need spaces in which we can talk, that aren't facebook.

I'm also thinking we'll wash the windows of their current signage and get #blacklivesmatter, up there.  I was talking with a cop friend today, about trying to get yoga, in there.  I want to hear from my friends.  I want to hear from my students.  I want to know how I can help.  Not 'if'.  I want to know how.  I would love to hear from you.

Please consider joining us, or sharing the info with someone who might.  We have candles. We have hearts.  And we can talk.  We can also sit, quietly.

In love,