Sacred Anatomy (Session 4) June 24-28 2019

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Sacred Anatomy (Session 4) June 24-28 2019


At Sacred Space, Northeast Minneapolis

Sacred Anatomy refers to the way in which yoga reveals our bodies are scripture, our own experience is the route to 'enlightenment', and the deepest felt sensations and revelations as being born in the flesh.  All sessions work with sacred anatomy; here we see how the foundations and roots of practice support the divine capacity within us.

This session is an in-depth study of the upper trunk including the sternum, shoulders, arms, brachial plexus, heart/lung and carpal tunnel.  Asana sequences emphasize shoulder stability/mobility, including shoulder therapeutics and arm balances. Much time is devoted to the shoulder girdle and practicing poses that serve to align the shoulders and reduce strain and stabilize the rotator cuff area.

Theory will work to bridge the daunting gap between ancient practice and modern lives, and theory and practice, as we deep dive into body as the source of both wisdom and suffering, trauma and healing.  We'll get more adept at working with physical and psychological trauma, explore yoga's modern day relevance, and articulate our own path.  The heart, the soul, the person is the focus of this session, and the mysterious way it both is and is not to be found in the anatomical body. 

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Karin has designed her 200 hr Yoga Alliance accredited training program to four intensive workshops.  They are offered at least once annually.  You do not need to be a yoga teacher or desire to be a teacher to attend.  I think that personal interest is one of the best teachers, and personal direction is more important than checking off boxes or memorization, so personal adaptation and study are part of the deal.  You can take all of these sessions, in order or a la carte.  Please note that getting your RYT certificate also requires participation in the April Panchakarma and an independent study project.

These may add up to RYT certification, used for Continuing Education credits, or taken as stand alone experiences.

2018 sessions will be held at LightBody Studio in Clearwater, MN.  Sessions run M-F 8 am to 4 pm, with an hour long lunch break.  Each session costs $800, and must be paid in full prior to the start date.  No refunds are available after the program begins.