Teachers and serious practioners of yoga often feel lost in the wind. 

There are inherent difficulties and paradoxes to taking up a contemplative life, an embodied path, not least of which is where do I go once I realize I have so many questions?  It can be a lonely and a doubtful, place.  Once we realize training only opened a can of worms, and deepening our practice only raised more questions, we start wondering about the tension between 'real life' and 'yoga'.  We tend to get dissatisfied with what's on the market.  It's hard to find teachers.


I am happy to work with ANYONE who is looking for direction.  Skype is a great resource.  Face to face if you're local. Or if we need to work with some body issues or teaching questions we can meet in a practice worthy space. I can help you find the next right book or appropriate training.  I can help you out with questions about teaching.  I am happy to talk about what's coming up in your own practice, your own body, your own experience.  You're not alone.