Meet Karin


Karin Lynn Carlson, Yoga Revolutionist- J. Brown Yoga Talks Podcast

Karin Carlson, founder of Return Yoga, has been bringing yoga out of the studio model into underserved communities for years and, after reading a recent post she wrote about the Yoga Alliance, J reached out to work through some ideas together. They discuss the early blogosphere days, shifts in industry that made it harder to make a living, questions of regulation and scope of practice, Yoga Alliance’s role, and filling the gaps between ancient wisdom and modern day relevance. This episode is brought to you by


Founder of the online yoga studies program Deeper Practice and the non-profit Return Yoga, Karin Lynn Carlson has brought yoga out of the studio to at risk populations for over ten years.  Her teaching is inseparable from her own ongoing path, and she tries to help students bridge the gaps between standardized forms and commercialized practices and their own ongoing reality. Yoga is a contemplative path and a daily unfolding, which ultimately has less to do with postures than it does with our minds.