upcoming courses

October panchakarma October 1 2019
A month of guided at home retreat, including meditation and text study

What is Dharma? The Bhavagad Gita and related texts
1x a week online conversations and in depth text study. Explore one of yoga’s most beloved texts and central philosophies, less from an academic standpoint that a how does this apply to our modern lives one

The Art of Self Care January 1 2020


Meet Karin

Rebel yogi Teaching
a deeper practice

Karin Lynn Carlson is creating non-profit yoga and beautiful writing that ups the ante on yoga conversations.


New Rules 2015 Lowry Ave N, Sundays 9:30 am. This is a drop-in, no studio affiliation yoga study or club. Expect less an hour long flow and more exploration, depth, and conversation of yoga as a multifaceted practice involving more than postures. All are welcome, regardless of experience. Please pay $10-$25 as you can.

Embrace The Wobble Robbinsdale: 7 am Tuesday