Yoga for Athletes

Two things. lunge First, every Thursday, every class, is themed and taught for athletes.  This does not mean you have to be an athlete to attend - it just means my teaching language and  methodology will specifically address those issues most commonly brought up by athletes.  There are two strong classes and one restorative class: something for everyone, whether looking to build strength and endurance or detox and recover post workout.

Secondly, announcing a 'Yoga for Athletes' workshop on Sunday, Feburary 17, from 9 am to noon.  This workshop will teach a strong flow targeting strength, focus, endurance, body system balance.  But it will also teach a set of restorative, detoxifying poses.  There will also be a smattering of information on why yoga can be so beneficial to modern day sport - and how to include yogic practices into your training.

footballSunday February 17, 9 a.m. – Noonbaseball


Return Yoga

822 ½ W St. Germain

St Cloud MN

Wear: comfortable clothing you can move freely in, as well as a warmer shirt to cover up with/socks as we will NOT be engaged in a strong practice or move the whole time.  Have something comfortable for the discussion part.


Bring: a notebook and pen, your mat if you’ve got one, possibly a towel or small blanket to sit on and shift around on as we discuss.  Something to sip.

Yoga is for all bodies, in any condition.  But athletes in particular have found something in the practice that makes their time off the mat more powerful.

Yoga is unique in its ability to counter-act overtraining, cross fascial lines (where many sports unbalance the areas of the body), facilitate myofascial release, and radically improve the body's ability to sleep, eat, digest, detoxify, intuit, respond, and heal on a tissue and cellular level.  All without the injurious jarring actions or expensive equipment of other exercise programs.

Learn to incorporate yoga into your game. Every class, every Thursday is a ‘yoga for athletes’ class, and this workshop is a fantastic place to begin. Karin works hard to stay on top of science's contribution to sports medicine and yogic studies, and teaches these skills in each and every class.  Recovery time is improved, the body becomes more resilient and responsive, less prone to injury; muscle memory and structural integrity are part of the process.  While this is a great class for runners, cyclists, golfers, skiers, soccer players, and any other athlete, there are also students whose primary form of 'exercise' is yoga.  Whoever you are and whatever your level, the class is intended to challenge while teaching the skills of growth and acceptance, commitment and exploration.  There is deep physical and psychological value to finding one's edge, and changing the edge.