Studio open tonight: move, sit, talk

social-justiceSo Trump won. This morning  I spoke of the importance of being together, of caring for ourselves, of feeling what we feel. We learn that we can stay in our body.  Practice - the whole of our practice - has created a reservoir we can draw from on days, like today.

I got an email this morning.  It asked if I realized I was wrong, yet, to politicize the space.  "You lost the election, and you're losing your business.  Can't you see that your fighting on the wrong side?"


I am afraid, and I am sad.  But I am not done speaking of fear, of deep social need, and of how important personal practice is.  How necessary, community and dialogue.  Trump's win last night shows, something: he isn't the problem, the clown, or the bully: we are. This is our real. The issues are not new.  They are systemic and they live in our bodies, our thoughts, our own community.  The color of skin, the ways in which we love and are most intimate, how we worship and pray, gender is politicized.  The problem isn't Trump, but a society that has lost it's democratic values, places bullying and violence over parity, is powered by fear.  This is social, and it's personal. I continue to say: we are in crisis.

This is a practice of sitting down, so that we can stand up for what is most urgent.  Sometimes, what is most urgent is the ability to speak with our kids.  Or go to work.  Sometimes, what is urgent is advocacy, empathy, community.

Wednesday 6 pm is usually a closed, class.  But tonight everyone is invited. We'll move, a bit, as a way to sit, awhile.  Together.  To listen, to talk.  Tears are safe here, as is anger and confusion.  Everyone is invited.

Be not alone.  Take care.  We are not done.