Last night I got a text from a friend.  The Yoga Center of Minneapolis closed it's doors last night.  No one knew it was going to happen except the few key players involved.  I know how bad this can hurt.  I know how many people are affected.  This morning the word has spread and more and more people are expressing sadness, hurt, and confusion.

There is grief there.  Grief is a complicated thing, both a process and not a process at all.  It lasts.  And it changes.

From a humble place, I want to make myself available to anyone who needs to talk.  From a more humble place still, I will open my intensives/teacher training this summer to anyone who can no longer complete their work with The Yoga Center.

It doesn't fix everything, but it is something.  It may not be the right fit for you.  But we can have a conversation and figure it out.  "Training" and "yoga teacher" and "Yoga Alliance" are all confusing topics right now.  We'll address every one of them.

Deep bows,