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Each January, I host an online course that lasts two months and delivers the heart of yoga principals and ayurvedic lifestyle.  This is less about rules, with food or anything else, than it is about understanding.  If we can understand, we can relate and personalize.

If yoga is "therapuetic" (and I think it is) than we should be able to feel it's medicine, not get lost in sales pitches or top ten lists.

Students have called it 'feminine', 'revolutionary', and 'better than training'. 

I think it's damned good work.  Let me know if you are interested in joining the next group.

Two other options: in April of each year I host an online panchakarma.  Again, it's less about food than it is about ritual, deeply processing, and shaking the gunk of your life loose.  

In October I host another.  Autumn is a second time of ritual release, but it has a different flavor than the spring work.  It has a bit of grieving in it.  A bit of surrender.  It has to do with preparing a stable and precious cloister for yourself, one that can keep you all winter long.