Karin L Burke

Karin was a barmaid, a journalist, an anthropologist, and a counselor before she bottomed out. Yoga saved her, she figures it might help others. She has, since a child, felt a call to service, listening, and standing for authentic change in the broken world. That call didn’t find a place in a religious setting, and as a counselor Karin always felt there were pieces missing.  Yoga returned all those missing pieces.  It is a place of ethics, self study, social justice, compassion and witness to the lives of students as much as it is teaching poses.

Karin trained for RYT 200 status at KC Fitness Link.  She is currently pursuing RYT 500 status and has additional yogic training in outreach, trauma, weight issues, youth, cancer, and mental health.  She is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  Karin has experience in family, group, and individual counseling.  She has additional training in issues of self-esteem, self-worth, relationships, trauma, addictions, chronic illness and pain, anxieties and depressions.  She has worked for years with sexual assault and domestic violence issues.

It turns out, though, students are drawn to Karin’s classes to bring them a little further than most studio classes.  She’s got a way of getting you upside down and into arm balances, teaching not ‘advanced’ poses but how to advance, making yoga just a little bit more than what’s offered in gyms and studios everywhere you look.  She’s got a knack for bringing students with some yoga experience deeper into practice, up into handstands, teaching athletes to incorporate greater power, and flipping worlds upside down.  Arm balances, galore.

Yoga is not an attempt to bring a whole class into the same pretzel shapes, nor is it a  ‘work out’ (unless that is what you want it to be).  Karin focuses on returning the student’s attention over and again on where they already are what they really want.  Yoga is appropriate for all bodies and all minds.  It begins where you are, and then develops your strengths.  Yoga is a profoundly personal path of transformation.


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