Reading the body

body language 3This is hardly a post.  This is a thought. I am re-visioning all of the Deeper Practice material so that it becomes four sessions, rather than a year.  This is turning out to be quite daunting.  And, exciting.

This morning, I'm trying to script that year's worth of study of yogic anatomy, also called Subtle Body, into a week.  This is the stuff of chakras.  Of the way memory is stored in the body, more than the brain.  Of the way the nervous system is fired by our gut as jacqueline Hargreaves, Mahamandirsharply as by our 'mind'.  This question of mind.  Of the way brain's seem to change. Of the way there is something beyond psychological understanding.  It is wild.  It is deep. It is sweet.  Movement helps us remember.

That so, in fact, are we.

In working it over, what's coming out is a week long exploration of this stuff.  Of coming to understand and to trust, to hear our bodies, to attend in some altogether different way.  The attempts.  The

IS.33-2006 Painting Vishnu as Vishvarupa (cosmic or universal man); Vishnu as Cosmic man, watercolour on paper, early 19th century, Jaipur. Jaipur Ca. 1800-1820 Watercolour on paper

outcomes.  The practice of somatics.

Since I know that many of you are quite interested in this - the memory body, the pain body, the bliss body; the creative space opened by this kind of attention; the body of exploration, the body of knowledge, the body of healing - it seems to make sense that I point out this session can be taken independently.

Expect an hour and a half long asana practice each morning, followed by a break and then meditation.  The afternoon will work to language subtle body, and experience it through somatic explorations.  There will be A LOT of journal prompting.  A LOT of what-does-this-mean, personally.  A lot of creating safety through yoga nidra, gentle movement, floor work.

This is 1/4 of the requirement for RYT 200 teacher training.  So you can take just this week and complete the other sessions, later.  More interestingly, this is the deep work of yoga and the stunning revelation of interiority and the fact of breath; you don't need the full training or any desire to 'teach' to be fascinated with the content of this week's agenda.

Monday-Friday, 8 am to 4 pm.  August 1-5. This intensive takes place at the studio, so choose 'non-residential' from the paypal drop down:

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